F r e s h  ARCHITECTURE  offers

  • Design Brief – writing up the brief is the most critical aspect of every project. Prior Planning Creates Better Performance. Time taken here is very well spent.
  • Cost Benefit Analysis – we can assist in the selection process when two or more projects are being considered, or when two or more options for one site are being considered.
  •  Site Assessments – can you do what you intend doing? At a cost you are agreeable to? that the Council will allow you to do? This may require us calling in other experts to complete these reports, but all matters will be determined. Other experts may need to include structural engineers, asbestos inspectors, lab reports, soil engineers, surveyors, town planners, etc.
  • Design Considerations – this comes back to the brief. Talk to us! Tell us your needs and wishes. Let us interpret them with pictures and hand gestures. Talk to us.
  • Resource Consents – if you need a Resource Consent, F r e s h  ARCHITECTURE will deal with the applications and Council discussions.
  • Building Consents and Tendering – Once we, you and me, have determined exactly what we are wanting, detailed drawings are prepared for builders to price from and for the Council to issue building consents.
  • Spacial Design / Interiors – F r e s h  ARCHITECTURE can be engaged for this portion only, or include it in the total performance package. As with all other portions of the project, this is very specific to each home owner, tenant or landlord.
  • Project Supervision – ensuring that what was designed is what get built.
  •  INTRODUCTIONS – through our work and our involvements, we can introduce developers to builders, home owners to painters, investors to real estate agents.