Your Project is unique. Talk to us about your specific project. It is all about you!

You are not going to find proposals specifically relating to your location. Meet with us, Talk with us.

F r e s h  ARCHITECTURE designs buildings and environments for business and living.

Design can generate more foot traffic to your business, can advertise your factory, and allow you to operate more efficiently.

Good Design creates the environment you want to live in, or work in. form always follows function.

Superb Design comes from being fit for purpose, and ticking all of the client’s wish list.

With our property valuation and business degree backgrounds we have an emphasis on business growth, what generates value and the value determinators for buildings.

It can be about increasing your rate of return on floor rent, establishing new amalgamated offices and associated seating, and increasing net worth, both immediately and in time to come.

People ask us questions like

  • Can we attract people to our shop,
  • How can we fit 3 extra people in to this office
  • How best do we get this group working with them.

F r e s h  ARCHITECTURE is about maximizing the difference between cost and value.

F r e s h  ARCHITECTURE is about creating Valuable Investments and improving the Capital Content in your properties. We work with the bottom line.

Good planning and better design creates capital value. Together, we want you to end up with more equity than the cost of achieving it.

We challenge you to personalize your investment. Commercial, Industrial and Residential.

F r e s h  ARCHITECTURE will work through the building process with you, from cost benefit analysis, designs, drawings, consents and building.